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I have been mocked about my ailment



I get a pain in my little toe on my left foot when I have an errection. The pain worsens when I contract my prostate. This is not affecting my sex life yet but the pain is becoming more severe.

Has anyone any idea what is going on with my toe and would acupuncture help?

I have posted this on other medical forums but mockery is all I get back.



It sounds like you have a disc problem of some nature either at L3, L5 or S1 (most likely L5/S1). Problems in the S1 (sacrum) area will refer to the small toe. Many people with sciatica issues will only feel pain in their foot. Certainly acupuncture can help this.

The other option would be some sort of circulatory issue, but that would be difficult to comment on in detail without knowing your whole case. Either way acupuncture is very useful in treating circulatory issues, so you should respond to treatment either way.

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