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I have a wrist tendon injury...will acupuncture help?


Eight years ago i had a bike accident which damaged the tendons in my left wrist. Since then I have had a clicking in my left wrist that interrupts the smooth motion that a wrist would normally have. I used to play the drums, but the accident pretty much ended that. I still have a desire to play, but I feel the injury is the only thing in the way. I've been to a couple of doctors. The first gave me a splint and told me that I should give it a few weeks to heal. Nothing happened. I saw a second doctor and he told me that it was hopeless to regain normal function of the wrist ever again. The only alternative would be wrist surgery which would give me even more limited motion in the wrist. What should I do? Has anyone been in a similar circumstance? Would acupuncture be able to remedy the problem?


Acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) should be able to help considerably. Certainly acupuncture is used to treat the whole range of pain related cases and specifically for the wrist any neurological and/or physical issues - carpal tunnel, RSD, etc. While I'm fairly certain your condition would improve, the degree to which and speed in which improvement happens will depend on the nature of the initial injury and how it healed. It would be well worth your effort to find an acupuncturist in your area and try a round of treatments. I would only recommend that you find a practitioner who also practices tuina - or also work with a deep tissue western massage therapist with experience in sports injuries in conjunction with the acupuncture.

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