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I could not understand this box


  • Dear Sir,

    I am concerned with herbals but I have too much interest with acupuncture and acupressure.

  • Dear Sir,
    GB-20 and HT-07,
    some time these acu-points decreases the blood pressure and some time these acu-points increases the blood pressure. What are the reasons?
    Can you educate me?


    Could you elaborate on your question please? Some links you may find useful:

    TCM Herbal Database

    TCM Theory Section


    GB-20 mainly is for lower patients's blood pressure if you sedate it, but sometimes if you nourish it, it also can treat lower blood pressure patient.

    Ht-07 mainly is for calm down patients mind, and help to lower patients' blood pressure from sideway, if you peace it ( neither sedate nor nourish), sometimes it also can double way adjust patients' mind from hyper- or hypo- to normal emotion.

    Thank you!


    Feng Mei

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