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Hypothyroid with liver and kidney yin xu signs


I have a patient who is experiencing liver and kidney yin deficiency signs, dry skin, dry mouth and throat, lightheadedness, night sweats, sensation of heat rushing up. Pulse is thready and slt. rapid. I think that Liu wei di huang wan would be a good formula for her, however she has hypothyroidism which is under control with thyroid medication. Would that be counterproductive to prescribe that formula, because hypothyroidism is caused by kidney YANG deficiency?


Don’t get caught up with trying to categorize any given western medical diagnosis. Treat the patterns and conditions that you observe. Other than the diagnosis of hypothyroidism does the patient show any signs of kidney yang deficiency? If not then liu wei di huang should be fine. The only caveat is timing of dosage - have your patient separate any western pharmaceuticals with eastern herbal formula by an hour or so.


If there were some Kidney Yang signs would you necessarily think that toning Kidney Yin was counter indicated?


It would depend on what signs you are seeing and to what degree relative to the rest. But, yes, it could be contraindicated.


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