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Hypothyroid and chinese medicine


I have a patient with hypothyroidism, which is under control with the use of western meds. I am treating her for facial rejuvenation. She mentioned that she has a history of vertigo, and has not experienced it since 2008. However she said she had a small bout of it yesterday. The last time I treated her was last thursday, so I don’t think my treatment caused the vertigo. I want to give her herbs for the vertigo and overall wellness. I thought Liu Wei Di Huang Wan would be a good formula because it seems to me like she has Kidney Yin Def. She’s 55 years old and has already gone through menopause. My concern with giving her that formula is due to the fact that Hypothyroid is caused by Yang xu. She has no yang xu signs. Are there any other appropriate formulas you can suggest? FYI Her vertigo pattern seems to fit Kidney Xu. Thank You!


What would all of her supporting signs and symptoms be from a Chinese Medicine perspective? Generally if she is hypo, she may be more kidney yang deficient than yin. But leave the western medicine diagnosis out of the equation and present the case with Chinese Medicine signs - tongue, pulse, other health issues.


No coat on the Tongue very red at the tip, Pulse is weak and thready especially in kidney position- NOT floating or deep. She has very dry skin, Dry mouth , Vertigo (occurred yesterday), She has occasional hot flashes, poor vision, occasional tinnitis.


And how long has she been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? And what meds is she on and have there been any new changes or dose changes in those recently? Does she have any seasonal allergies that could be at play? Finally, does she sleep well?

And not that Chinese medicine really works like this, but what are you trying to resolve with her - just the acute vertigo? The hypothyroidism? In other words, what are your main goals for treatment outcomes?

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