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Hello everybody and congratulations to all about this excellent website, one of my favourite. I have a medical issue I want to discuss about.

I am 30 years old and I workout a lot, I try to drink a lot of water about 4litres per day maybe more in summer, I cant live without water..

Almost 4 months now I have low blood pressure after workout or after some glasses of alcohol (I m an occasionaly drinker, 1 time per week). I feel uncomfort sometimes little dizziness like I m going to pass out, but I never did.

Other symptoms I also have this period:

- My feet and my hands are always cold and in winter VERY cold.

- When I m waking up in the morning I can't bend my fingers, they are too stiff and I can hear them cracking! Lately I hear all my joints cracking when I exercise.

- I have a lot of gas although I am very careful with my diet.

-I had a lot of stress years ago, not anymore. I am quite relaxed right now although I m in Greece so you what's going on here!

I sleep 7 hours, I dont smoke and I dont do drugs(..anymore!) and I occasionaly do Qi gong and acupuncure. I did some blood tests and the uric acid was at high limit and cholesterol at very low, everything else was just fine. Reading here and there I think I have kidneys deficiency and blood deficiency so I m in a yang diet 10 days now with no meat,no sugar, no milk, no alcohol, only rice, soups, friuts and vegetables and herbs like licorice, dandellion, fennel, peppermint, ginger and ginseng. I m feeling better and detoxed but I cant live forever with only these..

I would appreciate any help about lifestyle food diet and acupuncure very much.

Here is a picture of my tongue:


What are your actual blood pressure readings? average and recent highest and recent lowest would be ideal to get. Also, what is your general body temperature at night - still cold or do you get warm/hot at night?


Thank you for your fast response,

- My morning blood pressure readings are usually 11 - 7, 11.5 - 7.5 something like this. BUT when after heavy exercise or after consuming alcohol or sometimes when crowdy I feel very low. Two times I measured right then my blood pressure was 9 - 5 which is very low.

- I am usually cold at night when in bed, but that&#39s maybe because the cold extremities. I never remember myself hot when sleeping only in summer.

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