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Hypoplastic anemia


Does deer antler glue treat hypoplastic anemia or those with low hemoglobin but high ferritin?


Proper treatment would require proper TCM diagnosis, so no, as a general rule you could not say that Lu Jiao Jiao (or deer antler glue) would be helpful. In general it is more of a kidney yang tonic than a blood tonic per se, which some patients might need - gui pi wan or bu zhong yi qi wan as examples. Further, some cases of hypoplastic anemia are derived from kidney yin deficiency (i.e. autoimmune based) in which case strong kidney yang tonics would likely be very detrimental.

A 2009 study from Japanese researchers looked into the issue overall including one lu jiao jiao concoction, it is worth reading - Treatment for intractable anemia with the traditional Chinese medicines Hominis Placenta and Cervi Cornus Colla (deer antler glue).

All in all, proper treatment is key and there are probably better options herbally.


What formula can you suggest to be taken to cure it?


Please read my post thoroughly along with the links I provided – and this article, “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” - to get an idea on why no one except your practitioner can truly answer that question for you. Accordingly, I suggest you find one to work with. You should never try to treat yourself.

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