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Hypoglycemia - low blood sugar


I have problems connected with hypoglicemia. I am not diabetic. Problems include shaking, dizzy, vertigo, nightmare, night swaeting… Do you have any solution for this issues? Thank you


So in Chinese Medicine you do not treat conditions like “hypoglycemia” - you treat patterns (or more properly TCM diagnoses). For the basics of this I suggest you read “treating the cause and not the symptoms” and “how to choose an appropriate herbal formula”.

What this means basically is that there isn’t a standard treatment for essentially any western condition/issue. Through proper diagnostic tools and questioning the practitioner will tailor treatment directly to you. For treatment, then, you need to consult directly with a Chinese Medicine practitioner to obtain the best results.

Long story short, however, yes these types of issues are very commonly treated with Chinese Medicine (both acupuncture and herbal medicine). Generally speaking you are likely to have either a deficiency of kidney yin in Chinese Medicine terms (particularly when there is nightsweats) or a deficiency of spleen qi and/or spleen blood. But, again, you could have nearly any underlying pattern - it is through the training of the practitioner that you obtain the correct diagnosis and from that your treatment is planned.

For basic information on what we mean by the kidney system see “My Kidneys are What?” and for the spleen system read “My Spleen is What?”.


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