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Hyperkeratinization analysis?


Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is an autosomal dominant condition characterized by excess keratin production (hyperkeratinization) in the skin.

What possible TCM diagnoses/explanations would you ascribe to this condition, and what possible treatments would you recommend?


The underlying conditions would vary - generally when the skin is red/itchy it is heat in the blood, liver wind, damp-heat involving the LV and or SP. When the spots are mild like they usually are in KP they can be from LU heat, LU dryness, Dampness, and many other causes. Generally the standard diagnostic procedures and treatment will be helpful, and it&#39s important to keep in mind that in the majority of cases KP poses no health risks and generally clears up by middle age all on its own.

All that said, while not directly relevant, I would start by reading our section on treatment for acne to get an idea of some of the common patterns involved with skin conditions.


i actually have this.

Nothing, diet, herbal etc has helped. I didn&#39t get it until my 30&#39s, which seems to be trending more. It def seems to flare up and calm down with my cycle.

But the only thing that has worked is Doxy antibiotic. I even tried the homeopathic version of this, and other homeopathics. Topicals don&#39t work either.

As it was explained to me- although Doxy is an antibiotic, it is also an anti-inflammatory and it&#39s molecular structure is small- so it can reach the tiny capillaries in the skin and reduce inflammation. This is why it is helpful for other conditions like rosacea too.

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