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Hydrocephalus on dog



I am wondering what formula would be good for a dog that have hydrocephalus (water on brain) and seizures. His symptoms are: Dizzy, seizures, 1 eye pointing downward, sluggish, tired, hungry, neck pain, excess salivation, getting seizure when lying on back and when waking up from sleeping or stretching out limbs. Worst problems are that he looses balance, seizures and not having energy. His tongue is pale, shaking slightly, pale Purple with some small cracks all over. He Always have part of his tongue hanging out so that can be why it get cracks and dry.

I am at the moment trying ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang for him and his seizures have been reduced but instead he have become very apathetic, Dizzy and tired as well as having less appetite.


add Epimedium powder for kidney jing deficiency (yin yang hou)

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