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How to use the herbal formulas listed on the site


not sure what label to post this under but my main concern is that Im able to see all these formulas and the ingredients. Are these not meant to be concocted by yourself because there are no dosages/ grams of how much to use of each herb or is it safe to use equal amounts of each herb??

What is a general way to make a formula witout having to make it too specific with a persons weight and severity of the symptoms considering that the formula is already geard for lets say a weakened liver


Creating your own herbal formulas and tailoring them properly to your patients takes years and years of theoretical training and then years of clinical experience under an experienced herbalist. The amount of the ingredients would vary more than just by the patients weight and the relative severity of their symptoms - it is based on their underlying diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. Long story short, you shouldn’t even remotely attempt to create your own formulas without proper training.

We leave the gram and dosage information (and many more items) off of the site in part because some of it is knowledge that people simply have who have proper training and some of it is so adaptable that it is not worth writing out. The other part is to protect people without training from trying to treat themselves.

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