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How to treat, with acupressure, the lower leg: outer shin


Warm Greetings - In appreciation of your profound and thorough expertise, 'a question - Kindly advise, what is the cause of “disturbance” of the lower legs, outer shin area - manifesting as dull/seminumb sensation, tight semi-swelling/enlargement of the area extending to mid-shin , and accompanied by slight swelling of outer ankle ?
And, what is recommended for treatment ? Acupressure being the easiest - also any moxa?
In Sincere Thanks to your Dedication, with Best Wishes to You and Yours, Looking Forward . . . . .


The recommended treatment would depend on the cause from a western and Chinese medicine perspective. A problem like you are describing could be vascular, neurological, localized, coming from the lower back, coming up from the foot, etc.

In a clinical situation there would a host of questions and diagnostic procedures to ascertain what the cause is and then treatment would be designed based on that.

As acupressure is fairly limited, generally you might use GB 34 and UB 60 in most case, possibly with moxibustion at either or both of those depending, again, on what is contributing to the issues.

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