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How to Treat CKD Pations with HN/HU & Bladder cystitis by Acupuncture / Acupressure


Hello, Experts.

Ismail Here From India.
As per my doctor’s diagnostics. I am CKD(don’t know the level), they say something HN/HU, chronic cystitis like.
I am 29 years old.
My Reports says.
S.Creatinine = varying from 2.5 to 3.5
Urea Nitrigon = reached till 25Units to 30 some times
urine protein = Pressent +++ (105.3 mg/dL) & Varis ups and downs.
PTH(parathyroid hormones) = 170 something. (i don’t have the actual reports right now)
My blood pressure is also increasing and keep varying between 160/100 to 130/89.
my knee or right leg pains and also the wrist of my right-hand pains.
I have a history of urinal sticture and bulb region which was operated 2 years back, before this operation, I was having the problem passing urine it was very slowly passing.
That urologists told me to do insert catheter daily after the operation
so till 6 mounts back everything was nice but I was not doing catheter daily but 1 time a week or after 10 days.
then just 6 mounts back severe headache started at the back side of my head. so doctor tested ad I was hospitalized in november/2017, means 3 months back.
now the above report is my current reports.
I take medicines for BP. and not on the normal diet.
I heard a lot about acupuncture & acupressure.

is there any other method that I can do it home.

please Suggest

Thanks for your Time


Generally speaking this level of problems is best handled with Chinese herbal medicine and consistent acupuncture. Acupressure will not do much, if anything.

The actual western diagnoses, however, are nearly useless when formulating a treatment plan and this requires a very skilled Chinese Medicine practitioner who can physically inspect you and treat you. I would strongly suggest you find a fully trained practitioner locally and work with them for 2-6 months.

The biggest error to sway away from is too closely correlating what we call the “kidney system” to your physical kidneys - they are only marginally related at best and very often you would treat conditions such as CKD from very different angles. I would suggest you read “My Kidneys are What?” to understand more.


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