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How to rectify Middle Burner


I have a new case that had a laparoscopic surgery of GB stones and open surgery for fibroids 1 month ago and now they are giving her chemo.

Now energy and mood are getting better but red blood cells (O2 carriers) still low. Somatotype and mind is earth. The problem area is in the middle burner. SP is deficient. The energy is blocked in the middle dantian cant pass down. Breathing is heavy maybe due to overwork of few O2 soldiers. Legs knees and muscles hurt. I put pillow under her back and legs and pain subsided. Stays many hours on the bed not walking enough. Face is pale yellow and tongue is red with light white coat not thin with a characteristic line crack from tip to center. I worked on the lower dantian and legs, boost the immune system and calmed the mind. I selected points by TCM, Tong Ren, palpation.

I think is a yin deficiency syndrome but I cant find the root. Is there any easy index table or chart way to find the syndrome and root?

What does the red center line of tongue means?

How can the tongue be red with a center line crack and skin color be pale yellow?

Which point controls and rectifies the middle burner and which one the middle dantian?

Which point controls red blood cells. Is it a SP or BL?

Any other ideas are welcome.



Center cracked with red tongue means yin deficiency, also means blood deficiency with Sp Qi deficiency(because of heavy breath), so the pattern is Sp Qi and Blood deficiency, use herb formula "Ba Zen Tang" is good, Points is Ren 12, St36, Ren17, Ren 6, Sp 10, Pc 6, Sp6, Li4, Lv3, Ub 18,19, 20.


Well, there may be some benefit to just treating Earth, and in time it will all improve.

However, if fibroids are a problem, Giovanni Maciocia has some excellent herbs and acupuncture formulae that really break up the mass of stagnant blood - which will be a source of all the other problems. Go to his site http://www.giovanni-maciocia.c... and get some pointers; he has a comprehensive range of herbal prescriptions that really do work. I have used them a few times for fibroids as well as endometriosis, with great success. However, it must be understood that it can take up to a year to see good results - this is a slow growing and slow treating condition.

Why is she having chemo? What are they giving her? It seems a bit harsh to treat using these drugs after surgery. Is there a suggestion of carcinoma? It&#39s a pity the gallstone flush had not been tried, too, as I have (again) found this to be very effective. Shame that the biomedical world puts people through such brutal treatment ( I speak as a nurse!).

As a start point, use Ren 15, St 25, 34, 41 evens for 20 minutes. After that, any treatment will work more effectively.

Good luck. Keep me posted!!.

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