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How to reach equilibrium between Yin and Yang through acupuncture


I need to explain how acupuncture works for a school project. I understood the theory of the five elements and its relation to acupuncture, but the theory of Yin Yang remains incomplete…
I understand how different and complementary are these concepts, and how they can be the source of many weaknesses.
But in a more pragmatic way, how can needles be used to reach equilibrium between the two?
For instance, if a patient has a problem in his lungs, due to a lack of Yin.
What acupuncture points should be used to increase the rate of Yin in the lungs?
I really need an answer ASAP
Thank you for your help.


You’ve just asked for the entire working premise of Chinese Medicine to be explained both in a couple sentences and “asap” - it’s simply not that easy. The best explanation for laypeople would be to deeply understand what we are saying in “What Does Acupuncture Treat? - treating the cause and not the symptoms”. To discuss more directly about choosing acupuncture points - the article “Acupuncture Point Treatment Plan” will get you in to the laypersons ballbark so to speak.

Long story short yin, yang, the five elements, etc. are just concepts to understand the systemic working order of the body. Trying to simplify them down to use this point for yin deficiency - is nearly as wrong as use this point for a cold - it’s just not that simple for better or worse. One of the primary values of Chinese Medicine is the ability to tailor treatments to each individual and that is where good results come from.


I apologise for how vague my question is, but I need to try to explain this concept to people who might have never heard of tcm in 5 minutes.
Anyway, thank you for your help, I appreciate it :smile:


Broadly speaking the various acupuncture points have different functions. For yin deficiency you would choose points that help strengthen the yin. Which points in particular depends on how the patient presents and what other kinds of symptoms they have (or don’t have). With yin deficiency, again broadly speaking, there are herbal formulas that can help restore the yin. At the same time you need to look at diet and lifestyle to again encourage yin (like doing meditation) and limit the yang (like not eating tons of spicy foods). Hope that helps.


It does! Thank you very much!!!


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