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How to measure Meridian imbalances?


I have done a certificate course in Sujok and practicing Sujok (Part-time) for the past 2 years.

And I perform Seed therapy and Color therapy for the meridian imbalances and able to treat simple illnesses like Cold, Fever, Cough, Gastric issues, Low/High BP, Stomach infection, Sleep disorders, etc.

But I am still NOT good in diagnosis. i.e. identifying the meridian imbalances by touching and rubbing Patient’s hands. Even though I am doing it for Humidity, Cold and Heat, I am not able to identify imbalances with other Ki elements.

Recently, I came to know that there are couple of devices that can be used to identify imbalances in meridians.

  1. BioPulse PRO - Spanish

As my requirement is to measure the meridian imbalances accurately, Can I go ahead with one of these devices? If yes, which one will be the best?

If no, then is there any other way in which I can read the meridian imbalances?

Kindly guide me in this regard.


No, you don’t need a device. What you need to deeply understand is the theory of Chinese Medicine. Then you move towards the diagnostic skills - tongue, pulse, etc. I would recommend you read more deeply the theory, understanding aspects such as the six stages, and move from there. My general acupuncture point treatment plan article will head you in the right direction.


Thanks a lot. I will surely go through it and come back with queries, if any.


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