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How to fix damaged spinal cord



Im in a wheelchair from a spinal cord break and from neing stabbed in the spinal cord with a needle.

i used to do energy work for a living, i had my own studio at 16. Iv been able to fix a lot of problems iv had and i can open up my spinal cord a little to give more movement in my legs but im trying to find stronger technuiqes that could get electricity flowing from my brain to my legs back to my brain. please tell me if you know something.


Given the relative seriousness of your condition you should really be seeing a professional in your local area. Acupuncture is very useful for conditions like yours.

As you have experience with energy healing, I would also suggest our system of energy healing which is well known for treating tough cases on a regular basis - Tong Ren Therapy. You can get treatment for free online via tongren station or through any number of other private practitioners, classes around the world, etc.


TCM Tuina massage is very good for spin function rehabilitation, acupuncture is good help the local spin damaged area waterly swell, and you also should practise limbs movement function and breathing exercise.


Bio-energies Transference

It seems that just beneath the superficial nerves-tension of the hands which, can be elevated with a gentle-brief clockwise & counter-clockwise rubbing together of the palms. The hands can become most reasonable and effective tools for directing the energies and elements in an animated if not-perpetual motion up & down in and around the body. The strongest of such methods I have seen and it is a big sensation on youTube is called (Bio-energy healing techniques)

Tried and true scientifically tested/challenged) this form of energy work also known as

“Laying on of the hands” certainly does go above and beyond the call of duty.

If I were looking for a miracle? I’d turn to Bio-energy on you tube.

The creator of this process is somewhat Yang-Yang meaning he moves quickly and forcefully around the body, but not on it. But when one has an all-inclusive practice like His, treating dozens sometimes hundreds daily, one could tend to get somewhat wound up at times I spos.

I’m sure he is a great guy! Probably the best distance healer I know-of too. So Scanning the Orah field in a figureEight fashion w/hands w/in 3-12 “ of the body is one stroke you might employ figureEight air brushing stroke up & down. Tapping too, gently lightly but firmly like when testing a melon for ripeness 1,st Massage Head, hands, & feet then tapp on them at the meridian points See: Meridian then massage them again w/reflexology then scan-brush energy stroks, (rotate- (Reflexology, Tapping, ballancing) There you have it all-natural, self applicable and free of charge. (Inspiration) Don’t forget to practice (deep breathing, with full relaxation) everyday at least 70 or more mindful breaths daily, out of (4,400) 70 is a small request of the body & mind to keep them in ballance. & because it deep breathing, boosts mood, interrupts anxiety creates and frees the healing vital Qi. Good luck fellow healers. Bio-energy healing = attintion, intintion, proximity, and movement =>: )


I’m very excited about Qi gong` self-help energy healing methods and you can find out more about it too on YouTube. These exercises are designed for the movement of chi. I Might recommend Shen Zhen’s seated exercises w/Master Li Jun Feng, of the Shen Zhen

Also & the Taoest

Mani Tac Chiah who presents Taoist exercises excellent for targeting the individual organs.

Also have you tried acupressure’s (cupping) procedure, to enhance the healing process? Qi Gong&#39s Shen Zhen, Taoist (Micro cosmic orbiting) & acupressure&#39s Cupping prosedger?.

All of these are in my experience are do-able while seated & highly effective at putting the individual in command of their own energies. Good Luck.

Walter Cloud Aka. Shaktimanah. CT (LMT)..

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