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How to apply five element theory on certain disease? How to find which element is excess or deficient


I am a beginner acupuncture student…my master covered

  1. Yin and yang theory
  2. Five element theory(generating cycle and controlling sequence)
  3. Hand yin and yang five element (zang fu) points
    4.Leg yin points

Now he ask me to come with 5 members case history…How to choose a point for certain disease. Can someone explain how to choose a point with example disease?


If your teacher deeply covered those aspects and -he- is asking -you- for the answer - you should know it. If you don’t, please don’t ask on the internet, rather go back through what you’ve been taught. And if you can’t come up with the answer, be humble, tell your teacher, and ask them for guidance.

All that said, as far as certain aspects of five element theory go, reading our entire classical five element theory and applications section should help you.

From a more tcm perspective our general point selection rules section should also be helpful.


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