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How often can I take Zhi Fu Zi?


Hi, I have a question about Zhi Fu Zi. I see the dosage range (Dosage: 1.5-15g) but I am wondering is this to be taken daily? Weekly?



Generally, dosage range for single herbs in Chinese medicine Materia Medicas refers to a daily dose.

However, Chinese herbs are almost always taken in a formula with multiple herbs interacting and influencing each other to create the desired therapeutic effect. It is quite rare that a practitioner would prescribe just a single herb. Fu zi seems to most often be dosed in the range of 3-9g in formulas (for example: in jin gui shen qi wan it is dosed at 3g. In zhen wu tang it is dosed at 9g), though I know of people who have experimented with higher doses.

Additionally, fu zi is known as “toxic.” It must be cooked longer than other herbs (30-60 minutes longer at least). There is controversy/discussion about how “toxic” fu zi is actually. Heiner Freuhaf, for example, is a strong proponent of using this herb for various maladies, in much higher doses than are typical, and claims that the traditional processing steps render it completely safe-but these processes are not typically utilized these days. Others disagree and are quite cautious in their dosing of fu zi.

I would advise against you experimenting with fu zi without the guidance of an experienced herbalist. Fu zi is a great herb but also a very hot and potent one, with much potential for unwanted side effects if used inappropriately; you would be best served by talking to a practitioner who can devise an appropriate formula for your health needs.


Thank you for the reply.

I have definitely been doing my research on Fu Zi and other Chinese herbs. I ordered about 10 Chinese herbs after doing a lot of research. I choose Fu Zi because I am extremely cold all of the time due to Hypothyroidism that I have had since I was 5 years old (I’m 29 now) and it has left me extremely fatigued all of the time. I have tried other herbs such as cinnamon and ginger but they weren’t hot enough. I found other warm herbs that tonify yang but I didn’t find any other that people report as hot as Fu Zi.

Do you know of any other herbs that are as hot as Fu Zi but aren’t as toxic?



Fu zi is definitely the one of the hottest herbs.

I strongly encourage you to see a Chinese medicine practitioner in your area. If money is an issue, a lot of community acupuncture clinics (sliding scale fees) also prescribe patent herbal formulas. I think it’s great that you’re investigating ways to improve your health with herbs, but self-diagnosis (for anyone, practitioner or not), is kind of tricky-particularly with how specific and detailed Chinese medicine formulas are. Also, look into moxa-that is a warming therapy that is safe and easy to do on your own.

All this cautious talk aside: I’m sure you could cook up some fu zi and ginger and see how it treats you, though, really, a practitioner will be able to give you a more comprehensive and effective formula. (Apologies to Chad/yinyanghouse if you feel this suggestion is inappropriate/cavalier)


Yeah after doing research I planned on boiling the fu zi with Gan Cao and fang Feng (to reduce toxicity) for an hour and then add some honey. I read online that to test the fu zi concoction you should put some on your tongue and wait to see if it goes numb and tingly, which means it’s too toxic. If I passed that test then I was going to move on to a tsp and work my way up to a low dose each day afterwards.

I suppose I should see an herbalist but I’ve just been so disappointed with doctors and even a naturopath I went to that I haven’t wanted to deal with it. So used to people not understanding…

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