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How much to drink


Hello, I just wonder how much to drink. I was watching myself and I drink really a lot but it's just because I feel thirsty quite often even though I have no diabetes or so. I think that over drinking is not good for kidneys because it makes them quite busy all the time. On the other hand not drinking enough is not good as well.

I don't drink plain water that much, only when there's hot. Recently I drink chinese medicine for qi stagnation and deficiency three times a day, than I prefer different kinds of tea such as green tea, cinnamon tea and ginger tea when I feel cold, than warm water with lemon or cider vinegar, especially in the morning. I don't drink any milk since I don't like it but sometimes I can't resist and drink a small cup of coffee or cocoa. Occasionally I drink 2dcl of red wine.

I wonder if I should drink always when I feel thirsty? Sometimes I think I have "a false thirst" because sometimes I feel having a dry mouth even after drinking. It's kind of weird.


The ginger taste is pungent, heat, go into Spleen, Stomach, Heart, Lung meridians, its funchtion is warm middle jiao, help body Yang energy growing, warm Lung and drain body liquid, the cinnamom taste is pungent, sweet, Heat, go into Kidney, spleen, heart, Liver meidians, function is help body fire energy and Yang energy, disperse cold energy, help sooth meridians. So these kinds of tea is very warm for your body, and make you stomach and spleen become hot, that is why you always feel thirsty want drink more water to cover your body&#39s fire energy. green tea is better cool down you body&#39s fire. So I think you better stop ginger tea and cinnamon tea, just drink some hot green tea, that will be enough.


Thanks, it makes sense to me. OK, I&#39ll try not to drink that much pungent warming teas. But how could I warm myself then? I mean my limbs are very cold quite often now :-(


Inside your body is heat, but your limbs is cold, This is True heat and Fake cold in TCM, may because of Spleen dediciency, or body&#39s Yin and Yang energy not in harmony, if hot green tea can&#39t warm your limbs, or you can drink some hot Xi Yang Shen(Panax quinquefolium L.) tea, the Xi Yang Shen taste is bitter, slightly sweet, cool, go into Ht, Lu, Kd meridians, function is tonify Qi help body Yin energy, disperse fire and growing body fluid.


I was thinking that qi deficiency means too cold because the herbs I use seem to be warming. Also as I read, the food helping qi should be sweet in flavour and neutral to warm in temperature. It&#39s the reason I try to avoid raw food. I am puzzled then.

According to my practitioner my condition is qi deficiency and qi stagnation. My tongue is swollen with teethmarks and coating which is slight in front and thicker in rear. When I observe the tongue closely I can notice small red spots on the both sides.

I don&#39t know if the qi deficiency effects spleen but it effects digestion (especially a lot of gas) but no pain. The first stool I have in a day is more watery again but with tendency to constipation in the evening. My appetite is quite good, I eat normally I&#39d say but my body seems not to use the nutrition well since I&#39ve grown thin and have hair loss. I just could gain some body fat but no muscles. My energy is lower than it used to be and I&#39ve become kind of lazy. I feel my body is kind of out of balance :-( I live in a foreign country for almost two years now and because of study can&#39t return home before April next year. I do feel stucked here unable to do what I want, unable meet people I love. I assume it&#39s origin of my problems: too much stress, worry, fear and loneliness, as well as change of diet.

I use two medicine, one should relieve qi stagnation, it consists of ban xia, fu ling, hou po, zi su ye and ganjiang, the other one is for gi deficiency, there&#39s huang qi, cang zhu, dong dang gui, chai hu, da zao, gan cao, sheng ma, citrus unshiu peel and maybe carrot.


Tongue swollen with teeth mark means Spleen deficiency, with diarrhea means spleen Qi deficiency, red spots on both side means Liver and Gallbladder damp heat, the first formula is Ban Xia Hou Po Tang, it is for phlegm qi stagnate on throat, the second formula is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang+-, it is for Spleen Qi deficiency and too much diarrhea. I don&#39t think the first formula is fit your situation. Your situation may Liver and Gallbladder dampheat, and Liver wood attack spleen earth, cause spleen deficiency, then spleen qi deficiency, and spleen qi can not warm the limbs. If you still feel cold, you can drink Xi Yang Shen+Da Zao+Long Yan Rou tea, these medicines will tonify spleen Qi and warm limbs. Remember drink hot tea will help body temperature. The Chai Hu in second formula also can sooth Liver Qi, so Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang is good for you.


I think milk thistle and dandelion root tea might be helpfull as well then.

According to five element theory, to strenghten spleen I shoud eat enough earth food, avoid to much wood food which weaken spleen and stomach, and maybe eat some more metal food to weaken my strong wood? I&#39m not sure because in Daverick Leggett&#39s book oats are believed to be good for spleen but according to the TCM Nutrition - Five Element Theory article here on the web, oats are wood food which should be bad for spleen&#39s earth. I don&#39t know what to eat then :-( Recently I try to avoid dairy, fried and raw food.


The important thing is the food energy can or not go to spleen meridian, almost all things which grow on the earth are wood, include foods, except animals, so I think you needn't worried about FE food, just eat what you really like and want, but don't forget body health excersices.


I also have that feeling of being thirsty after I drink and reading informative replies here helps me on what should I do to avoid it.


Hello through graphic test it shows my left meridian 50 and right side 200

what is the cause and how I can treat myself through acupressure please




First of all you need to start drinking more water. Whatever your body weight is divided by 2 is how many ounces of water you need a day. So if you weigh 100 pounds - dividing 100 by 2 is 50 so you need 50 ounces of water each day. While teas have medicinal benefits they do not replace the body&#39s need for plain water. And if you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. As you begin to add more water to your diet, your uninary output will increase to start with, but as your body gets the water it needs, that will level off and go back to normal. Your water intake should be on top of your medicinal liquid intake and will actually enhance your body&#39s reaction to the herbs you are taking. I will leave any herbal suggestions to your personal practitioner, but increasing your water intake is a must. Drinking room temperature water is optimal.

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