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How many visits do I need to do?


I have been to the community acupuncture a few times and felt like it helpd and enjoyed it. I have a birthday coming up so I have suggested to friends that I would be interested in a private session for a gift. I am the lady that has been in there who has MS and I was just wondering if I could not afford to do multiple appointments because of my other health costs would it be worth it to use a once or twice gift visit?


For chronic conditions there are some fairly significant differences between the community clinics and our private clinics. This is more because of our personal stylistic differences and the massage and other aspects that we can only do in our private treatment settings. The gift certificates, however, can be applied to our community clinics in whatever amounts you prefer within our sliding scale. So I&#39ll leave the choice up to you.

As to your question about the store (which I removed) - just call the office if you are having issues. From the error, however, it appeared you had not entered the city and state correctly. But we can help you over the phone if need be. Or try correcting the error within the message that is returned to you.

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