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How many acupuncture treatments?



I would like to raise a question to the acupuncturists members of this forum. The question is simple:

How many acupuncture treatments you do before saying to the patient that it is nor worth continue treatment?

Usually for pain I give 5 inicial sessions for example to see if the treatment is worth doing or not. But for other problemas such as certain cases of stroke, advanced cases of facial paralysis or neuropraxia I prefer to give 8 appointments.

I have colleagues that do 10, 20 and in a case that I saw 30 acupuncture treatments and didn´s advice tha patient to quit.

I wuld like to know your opinion about the same subject.

best regards


In my city, if the practitioner fail to improve the patient&#39s condition in three times treatment, the patient already change another practitioner.


Here&#39s a typical tcm practitioner answer :)

But for example, i just got back from Vietnam. In the hospital they have in patients with stroke condition. Some of them receive 1 treatment per day for 2-3 months....

So yes, it depends...


What a strange question; the patients so rarely have patience to get better. In Texas, it&#39s the shorter of 60 days/20 treatments, and we&#39re required to refer to an MD. I try to get people to come in a few times within a 2 week time frame, and then we can agree on if we&#39re making progress.


Otherwise it is true that within 3 treatments there should be improvment, even after the first treatment the patient should feel a difference in most cases. But once again it depends !


It depends on many factors. Usually, fo acute problems the results are seen within one to three sessions while some chronic cases need to be treated longer before there is some improvement. For example, a common cold or a frozen shoulder may respond to the first treatment, while a case of cerebral palsy may need to be treated for years…


we single needle treatment or use maximum 3 needles.

95% cure this kind of treatments in 4 or 5 times treatmets.


It&#39s really case by case, usually chronic patients take longer and acute patients will be better after few sessions. I think patients will not come back when they don&#39t see much improvement anyway.


i usually go for 10 treatments before i ask the patient if he feels any improvement through the treatment and if he would like to continue or not becasue it is really up to the patient to assess his state before and after the sessions if he feels that this is something that really improved his quality of life then i would not advice the patient to stop.


I usually tell patients it might take 3 to 5 treatments to begin tomake a correction in the root problem. For pain the results should be more or less immediate--- like a 50% reduction by the end of the first treatment, at least. Treating the root cause will take longer, especially if the pain has been chronic for a lot of years. The period of relief should get longer and longer as the root is corrected. Ideally, the root becomes normal again, and the pain stays away, but it may take quite a few treatments to reach that point. Non-specific discomfort like fibromyalgia or deficiency type migraines seem to me to respond best to acupuncture for the immediate discomfort and the correct herbal formula for long term management.

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