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How long to use shi chaun da bu wan tea pills


About how long does one need to take these pea pills? I have been taking these pills for a few days for issues of predominant Qi and blood deficiency with moderate Yang deficiency or cold, fatigue,low appetite, ED, lowYang, Tongue was white thin film, Bite marks on both sides.

Would it be when signs of issues get better or is it like 4-6 bottles about 1 month?


The only person that can truly answer that question is your practitioner as they would be most familiar with your issues, be able to track your progress, etc. Generally speaking building yang deficiency can be a slow process, but “slow” is relative to what you are treating, how long the issues have been there, how deep and/or interwoven they are, etc.

In the most basic terms, yes, you would often stop the formula when your symptoms have improved.


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