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How long to induce labor?


How long should it take for acupuncture to induce labor? Does it happen the same day or while the needles are in place?



It depends on your goal and where you are seeing your patient. Here in the US, acupuncturists are not often in the delivery room so the stronger treatments/techniques that create immediate changes are not used unless that is the case. Treatments that I offer within my clinic generally stimulate some activity immediately but the stronger effects will be 6 hours to 2 days later.

I wouldn't recommend using some of the stronger techniques in a private clinic setting unless you are prepared to deliver a baby....


As with case 2, these are the acupuncture points that I have used in the past, with electro stimulation applied to the points. In all cases the labour commenced within 24-36 hours, with no harm to either mother or baby.

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