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How can I treat hormonal inbalance?


I am 30 years old and since this age I have experienced many problems, regarding hormonal inbalance: ovarian cysts, a heavy period and endometriosis. Now, I am diagnosed with uterin polyp of 2.2 mm, endometriosic cysts and hemoray between periods. The doctor recommanded me the hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, interventions that I hope I will do till the end of the month, but I am thinking that all these problems come from a hormonal inbalance. In my country, Romania, the doctors (the endocrinologists) do not know exactly how to treat these type of conditions and I would not want to take hormonal pills, so, if you can suggest some treatments/therapy/acupunture/diet changes that may help me after this surgery, I would be very grateful. Thank you very much!


It would be quite hard to give you anything but a general answer (and this is why - "What Does Acupuncture Treat?"). But the entire range of ob/gyn issues is extremely well treated within Chinese Medicine. I strongly recommend you find a practitioner in your area that practices both acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine ideally. Once you get your basic diagnosis (described in the article linked to above), your practitioner can then tell you what dietary and lifestyle changes may be appropriate to your condition.


I live in Romania and there are not many Chinese practitioners here. I have only heard about one, in the capital city, but he does only acupuncture, I do not know if he can recommend me some herbal medicines too. I went through a surgery a month ago - an uterine polyp, an ovarian cyst (luteinic) and many endometriosic adhesions. As far as I read on the internet, endometriosis and the luteinic cyst are because of excess of estrogen.

I have started a healthy diet (no fats, not meat, not sugars, no gluten or cow diaries) and some supplements, my period was ok, but I still have bowel problems, especially constipation - it is not diet related, it is hormonal, my body cannot eliminate estrogen.. Maybe it is liver associated...

I do not know what to do. I will go to that practitioner from the capital city, but if you can help me with some acupressure points, diet guidelines..I do not know..

Thank you in advance!


Dear Alessia,

Tong Ren therapy can be done remotely and can be very effective with many conditions, including the symptoms you have experienced. I know there are practitioners in France and Italy, and probably elsewhere in Europe as well. Maybe you can google "Tong Ren" + country name, to find a practitioner near you?

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