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Hot and full ears

Three months ago I had a lot of mucus it subsided for a little bit but created a problem in my inner ears such as fullness and hotness -on and off with nasal spray didn’t help -went to an ENT gave me steroids and antibiotic -that didn’t help had a CAT scan mri - said my nasal cavity had a deviated septum and some of left tube is a little wider than the right ! Nothing helping !! Docs says he wants to put a ballon up my nose if nothing else worked!! Told me my sinus cavities were on my teeth and I had a problem there -I went to see the dentist he said I had no problem -I really don’t know what to do - will acupuncture help ?with alleviating the full feeling in my ears and the hotness -I also was told it is allergies so when the mucus gets trapped up in my nose that’s when I start feeling that hotness and fullness in my ears - This is all new to me I never had this before they saying that the allergy season is very bad could that be doing it

This is an extremely common scenario that generally responds well to the proper application of both acupuncture and, in most cases, properly prescribed Chinese herbal medicine. I would suggest you find a licensed practitioner in your area who also practices Chinese herbal medicine (not all do in many areas) and give them 4-10 treatments.

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