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Hormonal Imbalance X weight


A woman in menopause with 62 yo, some family problems make her stressful and worry
With excellent health diet and active life but can t lose weight
Typical oestrogen dominance
What is the herbal formula to make her lose weight?
Lǐ Shì Qīng Shŭ Yì Qì Tāng (Summerheat-Clearing Qi-Boosting Decoction) ?


The herbal formula to aid her metabolism and water balance is the best one for her based on her diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms (not based on her western symptoms and generalities such as “menopause” which become effectively meaningless terms in the context of Chinese Medicine). I suggest you read over “how to choose an herbal formula” for more on that. Our menopause treatment page has some of the potential options, but the best is choosing what presents in the patient diagnostically.

What is her tongue and pulse like? What other symptoms besides worry? And what, in exact terms, is a healthy diet for her?


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