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Hormonal Imbalance ( estrogen dominance )and weight loss


Hello everybody! I have a question about a problem very common in the women after menopause.
I treating myself with chinese medicine for more than 15 years. Always with success. However, since I came to the menopause and it was in the same time with a lost of a beloved member of my family what, of course, did you bring me a lot of stress and sadness, I did gain a lot of weight (17kg) and it put my body in a very imbalance mood. I have a nice health diet, an active life, I went in a nutricionist, a lot of diet, but nothing … I lose 2 kg and it fast, came back. For what I read in the internet I have a typical estrogen dominance. . And I am looking for a Traditional Chinese Herbal formula to my problem. I found very good articles with formulas for liver and spleen like Lǐ Shì Qīng Shŭ Yì Qì Tāng
Any sugestions?


You would likely get the best result by going to an acupuncturist for acupuncture and herbal treatment rather than relying on herbs alone. If you do want to only go the herbal route your best bet is to be seen and diagnosed by an experienced acupuncturist/herbalist. Also diet wise make sure you’re not eating a lot of processed soy/tofu or non-organic meats. While not strictly necessary, it might also help to get some bloodwork or saliva testing done to determine whether or not there actually is a hormone imbalance and another to check your thyroid function might be appropriate as well.


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