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Hormonal imbalance and irregular cycles


I was experiencing irregular cycles with an extremely heavy bleeding for about 10 days each month. Test results revealed that I have a high prolactin and was taking medication to reduce it (meds are making me sick). Based on my research and I found out that it is possible a result of liver infection. Is that correct? What kind of liver infection or disease can cause irregular cycles and what is your recommendation.

I am 33 years old and trying to have a baby. My ultrasound revealed no abnormality with my ovaries.Thank you!


Any number of liver diseases may lead to menorrhagia. You should really discuss this aspect directly with your western physician. Blood work (liver panels) would be used to see if this is an issue. If you haven&#39t had general blood work with liver panels done, I would do it soon. However, liver issues would be on the rarer side compared to imbalanced hormones which you clearly have.

All that said, Chinese Medicine is widely used for all types of menstrual issues, fertility issues and physical liver issues as well for that matter. You would, however, need to consult directly with a practitioner in your area and work closely with them (and I would still recommend you have general western blood work done before your visit and bring the results). There is very little in Chinese Medicine that you can generalize about in cases like this except to say that this range of issues would be regularly seen by many acupuncturists.


Dr Doctor: Thank you for your reply. I took blood tests (about 12 different ones) and none of the tests shows any issues, however, obviously I have issues, including headahces, dizziness, weight gain, prolonged and heavy periods. I was told that there are certain liver diseases that affects menstrual cycles, however no blood test shows it (e.g. due to lack of nutrition and stress, liver infection can not supply enough blood to uterus). Is this something you came accross or make sense to you?


If your liver tests are fine, then your physical liver is fine and I would no longer worry about that. As for the rest of it, the way we look at conditions/symptoms in Chinese Medicine is very different and all of your issues would be taken in to account. I strongly suggest you consult locally with a practitioner in your area. This range of issues is quite commonly seen in private acupuncture practices and generally responds extremely well to treatment. There are, however, no single bullets, no easy answers, no single herbal formulas, etc. that will resolve your problems. You will need to consult directly with a practitioner and work with them for 3-6 months as a minimum.


Try a combination of rose oil (10 drops - natural estrogen & testosterone - best hormonal oil that we have, also works on liver issues), Chaste Berry/Vitex oil (8 drops) (Chaste Berry is a natural progestrone that helps to stablize your irregular menses and has been used since the Middle Ages in Europe for hormonal issues), and Oatstraw/Avena Sativa Oil (5 drops - natural testosterone) or Extract/Tincture in an one ounce bottle of olive oil. Apply to acupuncture points and rub on ovaries and liver area. According to older research, the Chaste Berry oil should help the problems get better within 3 to 5 months. If you don&#39t get better, please continue to look until you find someone who can help you.

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