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Hope for Complementary medicine


I came across a report written in Huffinton Post that the Swedish Government completed an exhasutive study on Homeopathic medicine and recommended their National Health Care plan reimburse for it.

It renews a hope for me for sanity in the insurance driven American health industry. I know I am naive but wouldn't there be some respect for the Swedish govenment's research since this country has public health and it wants it to be cost effective and also produce results.

Maybe our healthcare will truely become integrated medicine and provide care that fits the needs of the individual.


Until we move to a true cost savings model and open far more funds for researching modalities and substances that do not make enough money to fund their own research not much is likely to change. What is more likely, in my opinion, which is the true american voting way, so to speak, is that people will simply pay for what works and leave the insurance industry and mainstream medical for what it is absolutely best at - surgery and trauma/acute care.

This is already happening as people cannot afford insurance funded care. Everything else people will pay for and a combination of results and competition will drive the correct things and people to the forefront. This model that we have now is by any possible account not working for anyone and people both outside and within want change. Many doctors used to be paid with chickens and home-made bread not all that long ago, so, I don&#39t think things will stay this way for long. It&#39s teetering on the edge now of acceptability as families are driven to complete bankruptcy over even relatively simple medical procedures.

As a nation of "free" people, however, passing universal health care will probably not happen anytime soon. The only option, then, is for people to take complete ownership in their own health by working towards prevention with proper diet, lifestyle and preventative care. Paying for (i.e. supporting) what helps them and not funding (i.e. accepting) things that don&#39t.


It is Swiss, not Swedish.

In Sweden they are not so pro-hemopathy.

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