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I am TCM practitioner and I have had a skin condition I have been unable to treat effectiviley. I get hives on my forearms and legs. I also have bouts of heat and itching with no rash on my scrotum. The hives occurs when objects are in contact with my skin such as a watch, tight shirt sleeve, or even leaning on the edge of my desk. Things such as dust will cause it to happen. I have had allergy treatments with no help, it doesn't seem to be a specific allergy it seems as though my immune system is keyed up and has reactions to many simple irritation to the skin. I have detoxified my colon and performed candida and parasite cleanses. I have done treatments with Li 4,11 TH5, St36, and Sp6 with no help. I also tried ridding my liver of heat with no benefit. Please give me some ideas because it seems to be getting worse.


It looks like wind heat into blood. to treatment wind heat into blood, should disperse wind heat, clean damp heat and strong immue system. points: Li4, Li10.5( between Li10 and Li11), Li 11, sp9,sp10 and bleed UB40 to sedate blood heat.


You mention that you are a TCM practitioner but you do not mention your TCM diagnosis, tongue, pulse, or signs related to help come to your diagnosis. The treatment points you list are somewhat tonifying, but itching is generally an excess condition. So from a TCM perspective you would first clear the excess (in this case wind and/or heat in the blood) and then you can use more building points to strengthen your immune system generally (after your condition clears). As Feng Mei points out above, SP 10 and UB 40 would be good ideas among others based on a precise TCM diagnosis.

On the herbal side (often very helpful for skin conditions) - look through our formulas for skin issues and you should find something appropriate for your condition. Xiao Feng Pian is the most general formula and fits well with your symptoms.

From the Tam Healing system that we utilize, we would focus on the huatuo area of T1, T2, T3, T4, and T7 (the bone marrow, thymus gland, lung/lymph system, skin/sweat gland/hair follicles, and the spleen/abdominal blood vessels respectively). T1, 2 and 3 aid the immune system generally, T4 is for any skin/sweat related issue, and T7 is for any blood related condition.

So a treatment may look like - LI 4, LI 11, UB 40, SP 10, GV 22 (hypothalamus, body temperature regulation, blood-borne stimuli), TH 17 (sky window for brain circulation), and the huatuo of T1, T2, T3, T4, T7. We generally use qi gong (tong ren therapy) and tuina on the neck points to start, then needling. Afterwards deep tuina on the neck and huatuo areas on the back. Also, in this case, cupping may be appropriate (possibly GV 14, UB 11, UB 12, UB 13 areas).


Thanks you, both comments are very helpful. It makes a lot of sense that it could be the cause because I do frequent the steam room after I workout everyday. I am always very hot.

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