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High Blood Pressure


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Before I get into a more lengthy discussion can you first answer two important questions. First when you say that you "have tried various treatment protocols" - does this mean you are treating yourself? If so, with needles or with acupressure, or both? Have you actually had acupuncture treatment and herbal recommendations from a professional?

Second with regards to your meditation, what exactly are you doing in your meditation and do you have teacher? Many practices improperly done can cause all kinds of problems so you need to be careful.


Well I&#39ll try to help you but obviously working with someone who can talk to you and physically diagnose/treat you is far superior. You are right in not combining western herbs and western medicines as they both do the same thing. The only time we do that is when the medicines are not working and we only combine them long enough to get everything under control and then to remove the medicine - and then later remove the herbs as the goal is not regulation, but to actually treat the condition.

You&#39ll have to provide a lot more information if you want some help online. If you read our acupuncture for hypertension page, which one of those diagnoses seems most related to you (in your opinion of course)? What is your actually blood pressure reading generally? What is the highest in the last 3 weeks (on meds)? and the lowest in the last 3 weeks (on meds)? And what were the highest and lowest readings before you started western meds? And how long ago was it that you were not on any meds?


first sit comfortable massage Du20 area 36 circles,

2, massage both Tai Yang area 36 circles,

3, massage Gb20 area 36 circles,

4, massage Gb8 area 36 circles,

5, massage St9 area 36 circles,

6, massage Pc6 area 36 circles,

7, massage Li4 area 36 circles,

8, massage St36 area 36 circles.


I will give this a try.

Many Thanks.



I have had accupuncture treatment by accupuncture professionals with / without herbs.

I cant remember clearly the protocols used but I do know that KD1 & LV3 have been included.

Although I gained some temporary relief I ran out of funds to have the treatments long term.

The treatment protocols I have mentioned I have self treated using accupressure but mainly on the limited number of points :

KD1, LV3, LI 4, CV22, GB20

(not all at the same time) do seem to have a positive effect.

I have tried the herbs (quite a while ago) with very small doses in the beginning and closely monitored the results. I no longer take any of them as I do not want to risk any negative interactions with my medication.


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