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High blood pressure - c02 treatment?


Hi All,

I came from a family with a history of high blood pressure, for years we maintain healthy life style by means of proper exercise and healthy diet but I guess we can’t really escape our faith of having high blood pressure specially when we’re so much stressed. I’ve read some article about c02 treatment on how it can help us maintain good blood circulation and help us having a maintained blood pressure, now I’m so curious about it on how it works and where maybe we can try this c02 treatment but before that, has anyone ever tried it before? If so, any feedback on how it really works?



I’m not sure entirely what you are asking, but generally peoples habits of shallow breathing (higher Co2 levels) will contribute to hypertension. So learning deep abdominal breathing can be quite useful (effectively lowering Co2 levels and lowering blood pressure). That said, genetics can be difficult to overcome with just that. Chinese Medicine has many valuable tools for hypertension but they must be tailored to each individual, so you should consult with a practitioner in your area to receive proper recommendations. Your practitioner will be able to direct your diet and helpful lifestyle habits, along with providing treatment.


Hi Chad,

The thing is, I’m studying during morning and working at night and I can’t find time to visit any physician, though I make sure that I eat healthy foods and proper exercise, btw, I did some research about c02 treatment last night and found out that c02 can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and hypertension. It say;s there that can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and hypertension, c02 a good blood circulation by increasing cardiac function, endurance and proper distribution of oxygen in the body, thus having a relaxed heart to function well. We’ll I’m just hoping that someone who already tried the said treatment can provide any feedback.



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