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Hiatus Hernia treatment please help it's for my son


Hi my son has had this from a young age and has been medicated with Nexium 20 mg and he is now 19 turning 20 and symptoms are getting worse , we have raised the bed also watching diet ect
Can you please help , can acupuncture work


Yes, acupuncture is very likely to be helpful. Appropriate Chinese herbal medicine would likely be far more constructive while still being helpful quickly on the symptomatic level as well. You will need to see a practitioner in your area and give them approximately 3-5 months, although initial positive changes should be within the first few weeks of treatment.


Thankyou I’ll pass the information on , and it will help even if the the hernia is protruding


Yes. However, in some cases, particularly with structural deformities (possibly from birth for example) some combination of surgery and Chinese Medicine may ultimately lead to the best results. But there is actually quite a bit that can be done, in some cases completely resolving the issue, with acupuncture alone. The herbal side of the treatment will speed up the healing of the digestive/assimilation processes.


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