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Hesitance on neck points


When I use acupressure at home for neck & face pressure and ache, I seem to find relief with ST 11, ST 12 and LI 17. So, why is it acupuncturists (three of them anyway) will ignore my requests to tx them? GB 2 is somewhat effective.

I am too shy to ask them myself.


I don&#39t think they are not needling those points because they are hesitant, they just are not very effective most of the time for these issues. We use them quite a bit for panic attacks, reflux, abdominal issues, etc. - particularly ST 10, 11, 12... GB 2 does fit from what you describe being more for ear and TMJ/trigeminal Issues. Personally with what you have I wouldn&#39t use any of them as this is usually more of a neck issue and the pain is simply referred. We generally don&#39t treat the face at all and would focus on scalp points, neck points and the upper back along with lots of tuina massage and probably cupping. (there are many approaches).

I&#39m pretty sure the acupuncturists are doing what they should be doing and that is using their diagnostic skills, your medical history, and their experience to treat you properly to the point where the headaches are eliminated. While what you are doing acupressure wise may be helping, the fact remains that you are still having pain so treating the imbalance beyond some local points is our goal. Properly treated the goal is a complete elimination of your issues along with the need for further treatments.


There is neck main artery very near St11,12, usually not good for needling, Li17 also is little dangerous, those 3 points good for selfmassage. As doctor Chad said, acupuncturist should make diagnosis first then find the good point to do the treatment, they should not follow patient&#39s idea to do the treatment.


I agree with both Chad and Feng, sounds like the points you&#39re using only give you temporary relief so you need other points to resolve the root of the problem. Don&#39t be afraid to ask your practitioner, I believe s/he would give you the same answer as well.


Kind thanks for your wisdom folks. : ) Sometimes when there is pulsating pain, a quick fix makes people able to get on with their day and work and I suppose that is where I am coming from.

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