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Herpes help, from management to wiping out the virus


I’ve been researching what can be done to rid the herpes virus from the body. Would love to hear thoughts and comments. thanks

Skin disorder like WARTS in the BOdy

Herpes of all types is commonly treated with Chinese Medicine. That said, a discussion about treating a particular condition cannot begin without understanding that Chinese Medicine doesn’t treat “conditions” - in other words proper treatment is tailored to each individual and their diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. For more details on this, see “What Does Acupuncture Treat? or treating the cause and not the symptoms”.

In many cases the underling TCM diagnosis may be liver damp heat and formulas such as long dan xie gan wan. But there are many other possibilities depending on the individual signs, so treatment would be properly tailored to the individual for the best results.


thank you for this. I’m still learning!


I’m only a first year student… But for as much as I know herpes is a (toxic) heat condition and cannot dissapear. What we can do is make it “sleeping”, so de cliënt will have less outbreaks. But you can support the body by eating less yang and more yin foods offcourse…first point for heat conditions I’ve learned is Li11, especially when there’s an itch…and when it’s in the face Li4…you may correct me iff I’m wrong, after all I’,m only a student :wink:


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