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Hernia problem. Left side


Please suggest. Hernia problem. Left side,
Male, Age : 74yrs.
He do not want to take Medicine.

Please help me with Acupressure points.

Swapan Paul


Are you asking about an inguinal hernia? or some other type? If it is an inguinal hernia, the only real option is surgery - it is generally easy and has good success. Acupressure will not help much except possibly to put off surgery for months to years. Along those lines, there is no medicine that will help an inguinal hernia.

If it is another type of hernia, please give us more information and we’ll see what we can offer. But before then I’ll guide you towards referring to a fully trained acupuncturist that also practices herbal medicine. Acupressure is far too limited for internal conditions such as these.

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