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Hernia abdominalis


Hello, a patient of mine (male, 22 years, farmer boy) has tremendous pain in his abdomen for 4 weeks now. Has been in hospital for 3 nights, but they came no furher than the above diagnosis. they advised him to take 6 paracetamol's a day and wait until it's over because they could not do anything for him. I treated him 3 times now and some improvement was achieved. The pain was concentrated around CV 12. I tried to calm down liver yang and treated BL 17 - 20, Liv 1 and 3, SP 6, ST 36. Tonight when he came it was somewhat better, but now around CV 8 his belly is swollen, hard, maybe a lot of gass? He cannot do a lot, as soon as he starts to bike a little bit, also the pain starts again. I looked at your forum (shan disorder?). Spleen meridian seems hard, also stomach is tight. Can I do something for him or send him back to hospital?


You need check him Charcot symdrone or McBurney point and Murphy&#39s symdrone, if he very hurt or has rebound tenderness and board-like rigidity, he should send to hospital check again.


I fail to appeciate ur comments!

I should rather go with sham disorder,

suggest Liver Qi stagnation and deficient spleen ought to treat sp4 p6 sp6 st36 si3 tw6 st39 ...with other regular poins. You mostly follow 5 element theory and that too suggests sp disorder. SI as branch (near jejunum and illeum) is humidity of spleen. No?


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