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Herbs for kidney yang deficiency


I was unable to find a direct answer for this question so i might as well ask it myself.

Which chinese herbs are generally used for kidney yang deficiency or which chinese herbs are effective for warming the kidneys. Everywhere I look, I only find information of western herbs.

if you know the name in chinese characters, it will be even more helpful.

Thank you for your kindness!



From our databases:

<li>Individual Herbs That Tonify Yang</li>
<li>Individual Herbs That Influence The Kidney Channel</li>
<li>Formulas That Tonify</li>
<li>Kidney Yang Deficiency specific information</li>


Since the kidneys are the foundation for yin and yang in the body, if one is off, the other is too. So addressing both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems may be accomplished with the Rehmannia 8 Formula. Take a look at how its ingredients balance both yin and yang. Your herbalist/acupuncturist could monitor when to concentrate on the yang, then the yin or both at the same time.

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