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Herbs for high cholesterol


I have several patients with borderline high cholesterol 210s. I am thinking about powered Shan Zha 2 grams 2xday after meal. Is this strong enough?

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Shan Zha nature is warm, only good for cold body, If the patient has stomach fire, liver fire or heat body should change other herbs, for example Jue Ming Zi.


For mild to moderate cases of high cholesterol we often have them drink a glass or two a day of Ku Ding Tea. It has a great effect on lowering cholesterol with no significant systemic changes (i.e. being too warming, cooling, moving, etc.). It is a little bitter in taste, but nothing that has stopped people from drinking it. I find that patients will be more willing to drink this occasionally than stay on herbs daily, particularly in the more mild cases. The majority of the patients that I have recommended this to have their cholesterol under control within 3 months...


What are the ingredients of Ku Ding Tea? That is very interesting.



DR Tsao Zhong Chen from Taipei recommends Shan Zha 5 Gr and Gou Qi Zi 4 Gr boiled in 500 cc of water, and drink every day.

Thre is no mention of constitution, but it is intersesting

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