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Herbs for Gallbladder

What are the differences of treatment with Wen Dan Wan vs. Xiao Chai Hu in treatment of gallbladder issues?

If you look at them on our theory site you will see that wen dan wan is from the clear heat and transform phlegm subcategory underneath the broader treat phlegm category and that xiao chai hu tang is from the regulate and harmonize the liver and spleen subcategory underneath the broader harmonize category. These categories are the primary tools from which to choose a given herbal prescription for a patient - and they are driven by their diagnosis. Essentially none of what goes into this is their symptoms/issues in western medical terms.

For each patient then, the formula/formulas are tailored directly to what their diagnosis is in Chinese Medicine terms and what you are trying to accomplish. In general terms this is discussed in our introductory “how to choose a formula” post on our blog.

have you tried them so far? do you see any differences?
lately i’ve been on a diet and i also want to add some herbs as well.

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