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Herbs for Dampness

I have been to a few acupuncturists throughout the years and mostly been treated by acupuncture alone. A consistent theme in my diagnosis is spleen damp. My tongue is a little coated white mostly, a purplish spot on the left side. some small cracks where the lung area would be. I do have loose stools, but no dissension or bloating. 3-4 years ago I started with generalized itching - which is worse when I push myself to lose weight (then the tongue really gets coated). I also have quite a few lipomas. Pain is limited to the IT band area- left worse than right side. The area around my eyes get flush 10 min after waking - looking in the mirror. then it goes away. Similar to my itching- causes a raised scratch mark and disappears in 15 min. That part is very frustrating. I have gotten rid of dairy, fatty foods, refined foods and sugar, and even cold foods… not much change -except the foggy headedness is gone. I am taking Jade Wind Screen for the past month for prevention. Nothing good or bad with that.

I appreciate any insight.

I would start by asking the acupuncturists you have seen in the past as they are more deeply familiar with your health history.

But a couple questions - (1) - when you say " I have gotten rid of dairy, fatty foods, refined foods and sugar, and even cold foods… " how long have you done this for? and what is a typical days diet at this point?, and - (2) - why are you taking yu ping feng wan instead of something from the clear damp wind category or the clear damp heat category for example?

Thank you for the response. I had minimized dairy and refined food long ago… except for holidays. But altogether avoided all those foods since end of February. My diet is East Indian. So I converted mostly to Chinese barley instead of rice and I still eat beef and chicken curry. I like spice. Vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, green beans. Snacks are pistachio nuts and trail mix. Crave salt. I sneak a little salsa and chips in here and there, and Dark chocolate if I’m being perfectly honest. No beer. Wine instead now. I drink 1 cup coffee a day and a lot of Puer Tea and the Jade Windscreen bulk… I added Gan Cao and Gui Zhi. Equal parts of all five herbs. I suppose this formula was what was being talked about in the tcm community so I asked my acupuncturist if it was safe and started on it for prevention of COVID. I haven’t had a chance to see my practitioner for obvious reasons, but felt scared that I should do something, if that makes sense.
I also take a mixture called Master tonic - that has raw garlic, onions, turmeric, horseradish and jalapeño with apple cider vinegar. Would love not to take this…but my sister who also sees a Chinese medicine practitioner says this helps with dampness. It tastes awful. Also on Vitamin C, NAC, and Vit D/K2, B, and E.
I am very open to hearing your thoughts.
Btw the last formula I got was GuiZhi Tang with Xing ren, Chuan Xiong, Dang GUI, and Ge Gen. at the time I had a very stiff neck from the cold. It has since gone away- the weather in Portland has improved.

Thank you again.

I also have a few lipomas as well, not sure if that enters the clinical picture, but Would love to see those shrink.

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