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Herbs during pregnancy



Hope this did not post twice - Trying to see if Wu Ji Bai Feng Wu and Shou Wu are safe in pregnancy. TCM practitioner says yes but many websites say no. Is this just because they are internet stores and worried about liability? hx - 1 premature birth, 2 miscarriages. dx liver and spleen deficiency




The bottom line is you should either trust your practitioner or you should find another one. I&#39ve discussed this in multiple places on the website but I&#39ll do it again briefly here. While there are some firm precautions in Chinese Medicine regarding pregnancy in some situations, most others are quite open with proper training and experience. And it&#39s not just about being "safe" or not causing problems, proper treatment could very well avoid the problems that some people fear might happen. No one can answer your question with any true accuracy who hasn&#39t had the benefit of diagnosing you personally and knows your overall condition and your history. Things are just not that set in stone.

This is largely why we go to school for years and years - just like any other medical professional. So trust your practitioner, not blindly, but with the understanding that not trusting them but trusting people who don&#39t know your case to guide you within an internet forum is probably not the best way to go for your health overall....

There is so much more information anyone would need to even being an answer like what are the dosages and frequency of the herbs, how far along are you in pregnancy, etc. Websites generally have blanket statements about pregnancy not for liability per se, although that is surely part of it, but largely because it is easier to say no when people have the potential to treat themselves incorrectly, than it is to explain all the variables and underlying theory that would dictate what or what not to do in a specific situation.

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