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Herbal Suggestions for Ulcerative Colitis


Hi guys/girls,

Im currently experiencing Ulcerative Colitis. Diagnosed Dec 2016, otherwise have always been fortunate.

I quit smoking in Feb 2016 and come June 2016 i began to notice blood in stools. Unfortunatly it took me from June to December to be treated with a hospital appointment, to which i didnt quite make due to colapsing 2 days prior to appointment date.

Hospitalised for 2 weeks and put on a Hydrocortisone with steroid tablets also. Drastic improvements and blood crp level reduced from 120+ to under 10 before discharge on stabilisation medicine, such as sulfasalazine.

Iv recent had a flare (1st since diagnoses) and have been on prednisolone again but im still struggling. Another colonoscopy done and i dont feel im getting anywhere bar told to take prescription meds.

Most recent results from diagnosis of colonoscopy :-

A. Caecum, biopsies: - Mild Chronic Active Colitis.

B+C. Transverse and descending colon, biopsies:- Within normal limits.

D. Rectum, biopsies: - Moderate Chronic Active colitis.

Iv become overwhelmed with all the information available on the internet into trying to find myself a remedy to ultimately reduce/cure my diagnosis. With eventual plans on dropping the meds altogether.

Currently trying CBD oil and strong probiotics.

Could somebody please reach out and reply with some known herbs to try please?

Kind Regards

Ulcerative Colitis

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