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Herbal remedies for luekemia


What herbal remedies can one use to go with chemotherapy for a Luekemia patient


The only herbal formulas that a patient should take are those that match their diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms - i.e. their diagnostic pattern. In the most general terms possible cancer patients who are having chemotherapy tend towards either yin deficiency (so -possibly- a formula such as liu wei di huang wan) or blood deficiency (so -possibly- a formula such as bu zhong yi qi wan) or some combination. But, you treat what you see in the context of what symptoms they have, what your Chinese Medicine diagnosis is, and what your experience illuminates about the effects of the western medicines they are on. Generally, only practitioners who are very experienced in working with patients with cancer should prescribe herbs for them.

A couple texts you might find helpful are “Integrating Conventional Medicine and Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care” and “Cancer Management with Chinese Medicine”.


Thanks. The luekemia in this case is blood deficiency

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