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Herbal medicines for certain ailments?


Good Evening, I am Lydia, recently new to the website. I have been in a battle with generalized anxiety and OCD since age 9 and have been on different medications. I have also had bouts of Insomnia. For the last 10 months or so, my OCD and anxiety has decreased thankfully (funny enough it decreased after I stopped taking the medications) , however, my Insomnia has gotten terrible! I recently went to the doctor and was prescribed an SRI for the insomnia, however, I am not too happy about being on a medication again but I am desperate, and the following day I feel like a Zombie. I am only taking a quarter of the pill and am still feeling drowsy, tired, and not fully awake during the following day. Prior to going to the doctor I had tried Passion Flower, Chamomile teas, as well as OTC sleeping aids, worked for a little while and then stopped. I am wondering what herbal remedies are good for my mental ailments, especially my Insomnia, and tiredess. I recently bought rhodiola to see if it works. I would love to hear about any knowledge in regards to this.



Chinese Medicine has much to offer this range of conditions. It is not something, however, that you can or even should try to do yourself. Find yourself a fully licensed acupuncturist in your area and let them help you. Not only will results be much more likely to come faster that way, properly treated there is a far better chance of resolution to your issues leaving you to just live your life and not need constant treatment. For general information, possibly useful formulas and other related posts you can see the relevant sections under our conditions treated section - insomnia, anxiety, depression.

Your range of issues is something is generally very well treated with Chinese Medicine so I wouldn&#39t hesistate to find someone in your area.

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