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Herbal medicine safety


I’m wring also to ask your professional opinion regarding chinese herbs. My mom suffers from absent seizures and was prescribed by a Chinese Doctor a herb “Dianxianping Pian”. It helps to reduce the seizures but I’m concerned about the fact she was told to take it up to 6 months. I’ve done some research and came across the information that this herb contains a carcinogenic asarone. I consulted this information with the same doctor and he assured me it was ok to us it and there are no side effects. I’m really desperate to research it once again and be sure about the safety of this herb. Mo mom had a breast malignant cancer many years ago she was cured and I m extremely careful. She has been taking it for only three weeks now 2 pills twice a day so it’s a small dose.
I’m looking for a second professional opinion It’s so hard to get.


I would tend to agree with your doctor. This formula is commonly used to treat seizure disorders.

In context many plants contain a variety of so called harmful or toxic chemicals in trace amounts that are in fact perfectly safe for human use. Furthermore the process used to create modern concentrated herbal extracts can result in a difference in what elements remain in the final product and at what concentrations. Finally in TCM so called toxic herbs are routinely paired with other herbs that reduce the toxic effect and make the overall formula perfectly safe.

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