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Herbal Instructions


To Anyone Who Knows:

Suggested Use: Take two 2 to 3 times daily. The Dose may be Doubled for maximal results.

Question: How may be Doubled? If taking 2 morning, 2 afternoon and 2 evening, does it mean now take 4 morning, 4 afternoon and 4 evening? Or otherwise?

Keep-it simple please!

Thank you,

Mr. C


There is no simple answer except that you really should not be attempting to treat yourself with Chinese Medicine. Dosages will vary greatly depending on the age/condition of the patient their underlying diagnosis, their response overall to the formula, and what other, if any, formulas and/or medications they are taking. Furthermore the dosage will vary as their condition improves so for one month or a few weeks, as an example, you might need one dose and then another dose later. What is printed on the bottle is simply a guidepost by the manufacturer which fits many, but from far all, general usages.


Mr. Dupuis:

I agree WITH everything you SAY, but You KNOW life is not as SIMPLE as we would LIKE, and I need to KNOW what the Instructions " The Dose my be DOUBLED ...." MEAN/IS SAYING? I am NOT a NOVICE, but NOT as SCHOOLED as you, and Your HELP would be a BIG HELP in the RIGHT DIRECTION seeing that I MUST DO what I MUST DO, life!


Mr. C.


Again, there is no simple way to answer a question like this. For some more general information you would have to provide (1) the formula you are asking about, (2) your related symptoms and other factors that led you to choose that formula (or for someone else to recommend it to you), and (3) your response thus far to the formula (i.e. why do you feel you need to raise it) - which gets into how long you have been using the formula at what dosage, etc.

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