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Herbal Formulas for dryness and heat


Hello, First let me say that i have been to my primary care western doctor, have current blood work, and everything shows up normal.

I however, being in tune with my body, realize that something is off balance. I have dryness in the following areas: Scalp (dandruff), poop (hard), eyes (wake up feeling like someone threw sand in them, mouth (cottony) and recently had a UTI, for which I took antibiotics… but the main symptom was that it was very hard to push out my urine. Overall, dryness.

Also I have been having hot flashes. This could be emotional or maybe pre menopause (i’m 45). My feet however are freezing, they have been ice cold since last November when both of my parent’s died. I have been attributing this to the loss of my roots in this world, but even when I am suddenly hot at my scalp, face, chest etc… my feet are still icy cold.

Otherwise I have normal blood pressure, normal lab work on all the standard western tests, normal mammogram etc.

I think this sounds like dry heat. I don’t truly know though. I used to ask my dad all these things and he would just tell me what herbs to get. Now he is gone, along with mom and I’m a little lost in the area of herbal guidance. Anyone??


Well generally you don’t use just symptoms to choose herbal formulas so the best is to see a practitioner who can incorporate your symptoms into tongue and pulse diagnosis (among other diagnostic tools) to come to the right diagnosis - the proper herbal formulas are then based on this. From what you are describing, particularly with the hot flashes as part of it you have a mixed kidney yin deficiency - more than likely something like a combination of xiao yao wan and liu wei di huang wan would be reasonable - but, again, seeing a practitioner directly is best.


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