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Herbal Formula to Meniere's Disease


Submitted By: pjsalm


I'm from Portugal, (i will try to to do my best in the English). congratulation to this forum, i use to follow it.

It's the first time i write in this forum, could anyone help me and recomed the best TCM formula to Meniere's Disease (Phlegm-Damp). And the diet? What should avoid. Only Proteins?

Kind regrads


Phlegm damp most is because of Sp deficinecy, use points: Ren 12, St 25,36, 40, Sp 6, 15 may help. Herb formula is "Li Gui Zhu Gan Tang" with "Xiao Ban Xia Jia Fu Ling Tang". For meniere&#39s disease Herb formula is: " Bai Jiang San": Bai Guo 60g, Gan Jiang 12g make powder, separate to 8 parts, use 9g powder boil with Hong Zao12g and Huang Qi 20g drink 2 times daily, totally drink 8 days for one term. For diet , no chilli and oil food, low salty, no drink too much water, no smoke and wine, keep close eyes and quiet at normal time.

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